Elodie Edjang

Director, Lead VIDEO Editor

Elodie Edjang is a director and the lead video editor for Local Legend Films. She has a passion for documentary filmmaking. Elodie has secured internships at media organizations that emphasize social issues such as documentary non-profit Kartemquin Films and Australian current affairs television program Insight. In addition to her work at Local Legend Films, Elodie freelances as a documentary camera operator. She is the co-founder of Red Door Media Collective, a production based film collective. Elodie holds a Master of Fine Arts in Documentary Media from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Arts (Anthropology) and Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (Advertising) from the University of Georgia. During her free time she enjoys hula hooping, singing, and watching Youtube videos.


Visit Elodie's website to learn more about her latest film work at www.elodieedjang.com