We are a Social Enterprise

All donations are tax deductible thanks to our fiscal sponsor Free Spirit Media.




Employment Is Societal Healing.

We’ve had the wonderful opportunity to start a documentary film company committed to hiring young
people at risk from gun violence.

Please take a look at this video above showing Why we did it, the one below to see How we did it, and learn more about the gun violence issues that affect Chicago’s youth.  

Generous companies like yours have enabled this to happen. We need your help to further this vitally important mission.

If you can make any introductions, that would be wonderful! We're looking to meet with folks in marketing roles who might like to partner with a video production company like ours.


Local Legend Films creates short marketing videos for purpose-driven companies starting at 6k.

Additionally, if you'd like to be a part of our solution by making a tax deductible donation, this crowdfunding campaign will ensure we are able to continue providing resources and employment to the young people in these videos during the slow winter season in our industry.


Your donation = A full time job in the arts + a big step toward ending gun violence in Chicago.


Watch the video video that tells the story of how our company began. 

With your generous donations, we can better support these incredible young people.