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Posted on August 3, 2018
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Both KJ and Deangelo are trying to wrap up their high school diplomas in order to launch their college careers.
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Deangelo graduated from Theodore Roosevelt High School on June 16th 2018.

We are extremely proud of him!

Unfortunately, his diploma and transcripts are being held until he can pay his school fees. He cannot move forward and enroll in college without obtaining his transcripts.


Penn Foster is an online home schooling option to receive a high school diploma.

After experiencing a school shooting at his high school last year* and knowing several friends who were shot within blocks of this last school, KJ would like to finish high school online, from our downtown offices where he knows that it is a safe and supportive environment.

Spending more hours in our offices will also enable him to focus more on his film career.


$350 – Deangelo’s School Fees, paid to Chicago Public Schools

$1,752.00​ – Deangelo’s Community College Tuition for a full time schedule in fall 2018.

$1,319 – KJ’s High School Tuition, paid monthly to Penn Foster ($49/month)

$350 – Fiscal Sponsorship paid to Free Spirit Media (10%)

$3,771 – Total Education Budget


Both KJ and Deangelo have their sights set on attending a 4 year private arts school.

The cost of this education for each student will be approximately $100,000.

Any individuals reading this who are interested in signing up for a time to help KJ and Deangelo apply for scholarships are encouraged to sign up for a volunteer time slot at the link below.

We are committing Monday and Thursday evenings to scholarship applications around here at Local Legend Films and these young men have a lot of 300-900 word essays to write!

Click here to schedule a mentorship time slot with Deangelo

Click here to schedule a mentorship time slot with KJ


Free Spirit Media is a 501c3**

* Local Legend Films believes it is important to share the real life stories of gun violence in Chicago. By bringing these stories to life via video stories told from the inside of the issue we hope that outsiders looking at these headlines have a better understanding of the realities we face on a daily basis.

**This means that all donations made on this website are tax deductible.

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