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Posted on December 20, 2017
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In 2017-

One of us was shot three times and is lucky to be alive. One of us spent nine months on house arrest. One of us lost a family member to gun violence. And, one of us moved into a house with three pit bulls.

Actually, two of us did that last one…

Despite these obstacles and tragedies, the four members of Local Legend Films came together to work together. Our company and our projects keep us busy and out of trouble. We keep each other out of the streets, and out of harms way.

What started as an after school film program at the Lawndale Christian Legal Center has turned into something big. A social enterprise.

Together we’ve found, that during tough times, there is a solace in working hard every day and staying busy.

In 2017-

We made twenty-five videos together for clients. There are four of us; and we only have one Macbook!

As much as we’ve enjoyed our musical chairs game around the Macbook, we need to step up our game in 2018 to meet the demands of our new clients, launch our company officially, and shoot our documentary film.

We are fundraising for the money to purchase three powerful Macbooks that will allow us to edit large video files anywhere. This mobility will allow us to set up “pop up offices” anywhere. A cafe, a college campus, or a client’s conference room.

The three crew members of Local Legend Films have never had consistent access to a computer before. This is an exciting opportunity for them to develop and hone computer skills that are in high demand and can be taken with them forever.

Will you help us?


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